Special Education is an integral part of the total public education system and provides education in a manner that promotes maximum interaction between children or youth with disabilities and children or youth who are not disabled, in a manner that is appropriate to the needs of both.

Special Education provides a full continuum of program options to meet the educational and service needs of individuals with exceptional needs in the Least Restrictive Environment. 

For Special Education inquiries, please contact:

Lenita Lugo
Lenita Lugo
Director of Access, Equity, and Compliance

Estela Cuevas
Student Services Coordinator

Parent Resources:
Parent Guide to Special Education Services – English – September 2018

Parent Guide to Special Education Services – Spanish – September 2018

The IEP and You – English and Spanish 

ITP and You: Informational Guide – English

ITP and You: Informational Guide – Spanish

For LAUSD Special Education News, Announcements and Updates please see:  https://www.lausd.org/sped