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The Accelerated School (TAS K-8)

Current School Year General info
TAS School Based Counsel (SBC) and English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC)
TAS Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) and Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA)
Policies and Procedure
TAS 2014-2015 SARC   TAS 2014-2015 SARC

Providing elementary and middle school education to students in Kindergarten through eighth grade, The Accelerated School (TAS K-8) was founded in 1994.
The premise was ambitious, yet simple: good schools transform communities, “community” is created by shared values and common goals—and that all children can learn and achieve.

TAS K-8 holds a 96.83% attendance rate for grades K-5, a 97.17% attendance rate for grades 6-8,  an Academic Performance Index (API) of 746, and is considered a national model for education reform and continues to earn widespread acknowledgement and respect.

Equally significant is the role of TAS K-8 education in helping cultivate  prosperous and fulfilling lives for its students and families—and its power to inspire and rejuvenate communities.

70 TAS 7th grade students participated in the Hour of Code workshop on 12/12/13. Click the image to go to The Hour of Code website.