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Special Programs

Special Education

The Accelerated Schools offer students and families a broad range of programs to meet the unique needs of each student. The Special Education Program is designed to provide free, appropriate public education for students with disabilities, enabling them to achieve academic success.

The comprehensive program addresses the individual needs of each student through a variety of learning support resources, including differentiated instruction, daily afterschool tutoring, assistive technology and reading intervention programs.

The program offers Special Education students:

  • Daily afterschool tutoring services provided by resource specialist teachers and assistants
  • Integrated use of technology in the classroom through the use of electronic devices and student laptops
  • Writing software on student computers assists in bridging the gap in student written expression
  • Intensive, targeted reading intervention instruction for elementary school students to increase reading fluency, spelling and decoding skills
  • Comprehensive referral-based counseling services

Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) Programs

The Accelerated Schools strive to ensure gifted education services are an integral part of its general education program by developing and providing programs for high-achieving students through integrated differentiated learning.

Programs for high-achieving students include individual or small group activities related to accelerating the core curriculum. Gifted students are screened and referred for assessments by teachers, administrators and school psychologists who provide enriched resources and materials to challenge students appropriately.

Teachers also address the social and emotional needs of advanced-level learners. In addition, educators are provided comprehensive professional development to help ensure they meet the unique needs of these advanced-level students. Ultimately, our goal is to recognize and continually develop each student’s diverse abilities and talents.