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College Counseling

The College Counseling Program at Wallis Annenberg High School is an individualized and comprehensive program that focuses on ensuring each student is able to maximize his or her educational outcomes. This goal is reached by:

  • Giving students guidance through the application process
  • Providing students with SAT test preparation
  • Giving families guidance through the financial aid process
  • Utilizing professional contacts that advocate on students’ behalf for admissions and financial aid
  • Utilizing professional contacts to present information about universities to families

The College Counseling Program provides valuable support and educational resources for underrepresented, first-generation students who would otherwise have very limited exposure to college choices and direct application support. The College Counseling Program is committed to the belief that college awareness is essential to a child’s educational development in order to create lasting change in their lives. Educating our students about their college options, and also preparing them for college academically, are vital links to redefining success in their lives, as well as changing the landscape of our local community.

Wallis Annenberg High School (WAHS)

Class of 2013 College Application and Admission Highlights:

    • Size of the 2013 senior class: 106
    • Total number of students who have submitted college applications: 103
    • Total number of college applications submitted: 782
    • Total number of colleges and universities applied to: 166
    • Graduation rate for 2013: 97%
    • Total number of students accepted to a four-year institution: 74 out of 106, or 70%
    • 27% of graduates will attend a two-year institution
    • One graduate is a Gates Scholar, going to Wheaton College in fall 2013
    • Two graduates awarded Posse Scholarships to the University of Wisconsin at Madison

WAHS Class of 2013

4-year Colleges and Universities of Admission:

1. California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
2. California State University, Dominguez Hills
3. California State University, Fullerton
4. California State University, Long Beach
5. California State University, Los Angeles
6. California State University, Northridge
7. California State University, Sacramento
8. Colby College
9. Emory University
10. Goucher College
11. Humboldt State University
12. Menlo College
13. Mount St. Mary’s College (Chalon)
14. Northern Arizona University
15. Pepperdine University
16. San Diego Christian College
17. San Francisco State University
18. Sonoma State University
19. University of California at Irvine
20. University of California at Merced
21. University of California at Riverside
22. University of California at San Diego
23. University of California at Santa Cruz
24. University of Southern California
25. University of Wisconsin, Madison
26. Vassar College
27. Wheaton College

For more information on the WAHS College Counseling Program, please contact:

Ms. Gloria Zelaya, College and Career Advisor | Phone: (323) 235-6343 ext. 2557 | Email: