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Student Life

W. M. Keck Early Learning Center
Instructional support is part of the KECK Center’s focus on a year-round basis. We place a heavy emphasis on instructional practices and curriculum delivery to ensure that all students are ready to enter kindergarten. Our preschool teachers currently use “Little Treasures” (for English Language Arts) and “Everyday Math” curriculum to enable our students to attain high Language and Reasoning test scores. We predict that this quality early learning experience, coupled with strong teacher and family support, will lead to the students’ future success in our rigorous elementary, middle and high school curriculum.

Accelerated Charter Elementary School (ACES)
ACES is the first school in California to implement a 50/50 English/Spanish dual-language program in grades K-6. Because ACES students include both native Spanish speakers and African American students who speak no Spanish at home, we believe that ACES graduates will be the citizens who bring the different communities of Los Angeles together to think creatively.

A typical day at ACES begins with a morning meeting that builds language vocabulary in either English or Spanish depending on Language of the Day (Monday, Wednesday, Friday = Spanish; Tuesday, Thursday = English). There is a short recess in the morning that helps provide the transition into Mathematics. Students are learning new English academic vocabulary with our standards-based “Singapore Math” curriculum. Our program encourages both mental math and identifying multiple ways to solve a problem. Teachers also incorporate a variety of math games to build number fluency and automaticity. After lunch and a second recess, students dive deeper into the content areas of Social Studies and Science through hands-on, standards-based projects in Spanish. “Thinking Maps” are incorporated across grade levels and subject areas to help students focus on key academic concepts and vocabulary. This continuity has helped scaffold the instruction for both English and Spanish learners.

At ACES, the school day ends at 3:00 p.m., yet the majority of our students stay afterward to participate in a state-funded After School Education & Safety program (ASES), where they receive tutoring and homework help, a healthy snack, and a variety of enrichment activities such as dance, art, music, cooking, sports and science exploration activities.

The Accelerated School (TAS, grades K-8)
Based on the Accelerated Schools Model, TAS supports each student in accelerating their progress and achieving at high levels through powerful learning. Powerful learning depends on a rigorous standards-based curriculum that is interdisciplinary and thematic, where learning is related to the personal experience of the students and calls for higher order skills. The instructional strategies that support powerful learning include active learning, projects, technology, heterogeneous grouping, and alternative assessments.

Preparing students for success in college through their mastery of state content standards is the primary goal of TAS. Other goals include providing students better educational opportunities than what is currently available in this part of the city, providing additional student seats in an impacted area, training local educators in the use of effective teaching practices, and encouraging innovation in other public schools that serve educationally disadvantaged students. The results of our efforts will ensure that TAS students will be educationally prepared leaders, confident and resilient achievers, and compassionate citizens with a global perspective.

The cycle of teaching, learning and engaging continues until the afternoon bell rings, signaling the end of the regular classroom day and the beginning of both the LA’s Best Afterschool program for K-5 students and YPI/21st Century Kids enrichment classes for middle school (6th-8th grade) students.

Wallis Annenberg High School (WAHS)
Preparing students for success in college through their mastery of the common core standards is the primary goal of WAHS. Students at WAHS participate in a full range of academic courses, as well as extracurricular activities. Each student is enrolled into UC-approved A-G courses including Art and Music and can participate in a wide variety of Advanced Prep classes including AP English Literature, AP English Language, AP Spanish Literature, AP Spanish Language and AP US History. Once the instructional day ends, students may participate in a myriad of extracurricular sports and activities offered in partnership with our middle and high school after-school provider, Youth Policy Institute (YPI).

WAHS students benefit from a small learning environment where class ratios generally do not exceed 33:1 in Freshman and Sophomore classes and is reduced to 28:1 in Junior and Senior level classes. Academic support classes have been standardized in the areas of English Language Arts and Mathematics and afford students extra time to master new concepts or review materials from core classes. Our tight-knit community offers not only an outstanding education, but also a nurturing and caring learning experience. And, every student at Wallis Annenberg High School is on a solid road to admittance into the university of their choice.